Tuesday, 21 August 2012

switch panel

My nice shiny new switch panel will need replacing! Two of the twenty switches have already failed.... that's what you get for buying them cheaply from eBay!... also, while they were rated at 15A, I suspect that the problem is the current I am putting through them... both of the failed switches have been on the fridge circuit... which I estimate at about 8A... Anyway.... I've researched some nice new switches... not particularly expensive, and I may well use it as an opportunity to firstly use switches that have built in LEDs to remove the need for seperate ones (and they are also perhaps a bit too bright currently), and also to put a relay on the two or three devices that are a bit heavier on current, to take the load off the switch itself.... again, not expensive to do. I did worry about another 'thing to go wrong', but in my experience, relays are pretty robust, and no more likely to fail than the device its powering itself. I have also perhaps used the rewiring to recognise that the switches i've fitted aren't quite the right ones, and I could do with a couple of others, as well as lose a couple.... Finally, I may well look at getting the panel made up professionally.... looks a lot smarter... must talk to friends (Clive - if you're reading this, give us a contact name!) about where they had it done.

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