Saturday, 29 October 2011

Let there be light

A thoroughly successful day!

I started by fitting the plumbing to the main galley cold tap, and then fitting the water pump properly... Wiring it up through the switch panel and routing the wiring neatly... Removing the old plumbing was a nightmare... It was routed in the most awkward places possible... I nearly cocked up... Was about to cut one pipe when i realised that is was the main feed to the pump... Hard to tell when they are all green dirty copper... Also discovered that the galley hand pump is on a seperate take off from the tank... Have put a blanking plug on it as a short term fix, but will ressurect it eventually as its useful should the electrics fail.

One false start when the pump failed to prime, but a bit of mucking about, mainly by dismounting and lowering the pump got it going... And then... hoorah, running water at the galley.

I did have to refill the water tank as i'd drained it to cut the old pipework out... Lots of new creaking as it filled!.. I spent a while panicking, looking for leaks, but none present.

You have no idea how nice it is to be able to wash your hands!

Then i started the saloon lighting

I spent a while trying to work out where to route the wiring, and once decided, quite a bit longer trying to feed the wires through several small gaps... Eventually i suceeded, fitted a temporary light in the galley, et voila!

Its only the one, but its great to have a light that doesnt need carrying around with me!

So... Slowly progress is being made.

Tomorrow i'll fit more lights, and then start on the forepeak wiring and perhaps have a bit of a tidy up... Now i've got light, I can see what a mess it is!

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