Monday, 10 October 2011

its only money...

I've just ordered the remaining bits to get my new engine room electrical install completed.

I've added a Sterling Battery charger to the equipment list, as I wasn't confident in the old one... it was rather ancient, and didn't seem to float the batteries very well... plus it was a single output, which meant that the engine and domestics needed connecting in parallel in order to charge everything, which I didn't like.

However, that wasn't the main expense... no... that honour was granted to the battery cables. In order to get a neat install, i'm routing them over the top of the engine room. That means that they are a bit longer than normal. Add to that, the fact that i've ordered tinned versions, and perhaps slightly overspecced them at 40mm2, then the total for cables (to admittedly connect both batteries, the isolators, the 1-2-All switch, the Alternator controller and the battery charger) was over £250!!!

Finally, a handful of ring terminals for the cable, 6 new battery clamps, three nice BEP isolator switches (one of which isn't needed for know until I install the windlass wiring, but wanted to fit all three together to make it neat) and an earth commoning point, and the grand total was nearly £600.

We will have a terrific power installation though, that is reliable, tough, and efficient.... expensive upfront but will, I hope, pay back for itself many times over in reduced fuel costs, longer battery life, and most importantly of all, confidence in the engine starting!

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