Thursday, 12 March 2009

start again

Went to the local DIY merchants to get some wood today for the plinths, and came away with enough to redo the legs properly without have to laminate pieces together.... that and the plinth from softwood offcuts for just £3... bargain!

This evening, I managed to cut the legs to the correct shape, cut the plinths, prep mount the legs with screws, then fix them with Polyester resin thickened with microspheres, screwed them up tight, left it to set, and then got the first coat of varnish on!

Will stick another coat on tomorrow morning first thing (working from home!) and that'll probably do....

I did have one near disaster.... after carefully marking up the legs and cutting the first two, I realised that I had marked them up incorrectly... damn... I didn't have enough wood for another set.... and then I realised that the bit I had cut off was the correct size... in fact it was better, as it was lower profile, so from an engineering perspective, a better solution as less leverage will be exerted on the fixings if the watermaker is lower.... so I copied it for the second pair for the pump legs! (I was ultra carfeul in measuring up this time.... a case of measure twice, cut once... only it was measure 6 times, think about it for 15 mins, measure again and then cut once!)

I may need to do a bit of minor fettling to the legs to get it to sit snugly against the hull, which i'll do on-site with a power sander (assuming we have a shorepower socket near where Morgana is put ashore), but it should be pretty close....

I'm rather pleased with the product thus far even if I do say so myself

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