Monday, 16 March 2009

and a bit more detail..

The old antifoul had come pretty clean under the pressure washer, so needed just a little gentle sanding where the lifting straps had been, and a bit of fettling here and there to ready her for the new stuff.... which is designed to need very little prep of the previous coat..

One thing we did notice, is that the old antifoul had started to flake a little in places, and a few chunks had come off under the pressure washer.... we'll live with that for this season, but I suspect that next year, and if not certainly the year after, we'll need to do a thorough removal job, and get back down to bare gel..... that'll be fun!

Also, the pear anode, yet again, was fine, with hardly any erosion at all.... so it was treated to a good brush down with a brass brush, and will do it's third season... it obviously doesn't have much work to do...

I may well fit a Galvanic isolator at some point in the next few months, and see what impact that has on the prop anode too....

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