Wednesday, 19 April 2006

engine bits

Should add that while doing a bit of spring cleaning on the boat on Friday night, I decided that I really needed to get to the bottom of the locker under the quarter berth, as we had just piled more stuff in rather than properly emptying it, and seeing what was lurking at the bottom.... Imagine my delight when tucked away in the dark recesses I found a bag containing 2 new fuel filters, 2 new oil filters, a new impellor and several other minor spares... I was ecstatic when the next bag revealed two new injectors... and my day was made when beneath these two bags, an emergency VHF aerial emerged!!!! Only item of confusion was what appears to be a shaft log... wrapped in oily cloth..... however, both ends appear to have had the edges 'sharpened'...... god knows what that is can sit unsolved alongside the mystery of why anyone would keep 4 sections of a chimney sweeps pole onboard......

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