Sunday, 9 April 2006

almost ready

Had a day down at the boat today, getting a few final jobs done, so as to be ready for the season.... it was a full family trip this time.... Friday night I finished the final cushion cover and that was ceremoniously loaded into the car and today added to the boat.... SWMBO then held a screwdriver for me, while I crawled into the depths of the stern, wriggling around the steering gear to access the underside bolts of firstly the old wind vane mounting gear (to remove them), and secondly the broken autopilot mount (to replace it with a new one, loving crafted in my garage at home) I then fitted two new jammers to hold the traveller securely, but also allow it to be released more quickly when needed.... Last, but not least we finally bent on the sails... We carted another car full of equipment back to the boat, and now have all the 'normal' equipment back on board, charts, lifejackets, utensils, pilot books etc etc... Also, should mention that I had ordered the foam to make the berth cushions for the forepeak... it turned up Friday morning.... have you any idea how large a 94"x78" sheet of 4" thick foam is!!!!!!!! I had made templates for the cushions using wallpaper backing paper, and spent Friday evening merrily cutting out the cushions with the electric carving knife.... so will shortly get them covered, and then all thats left for the forepeak is to fit the small woods trim pieces to hold the cushions securely, to cut the 4 remaining access hatches, to glue the carper to the walls and to make the 'central' piece that fills in the berth to make it larger... A large number of the jobs now crossed off..... only a few essential ones to go, such as fitting the radar scanner...... Hopefully, out for a sail at Easter!

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