Sunday, 4 December 2005


Went down to Maggie today to start winterising her.... We may want to sail her ocassionally, so winterising is limited to things that can be reversed quickly... So, we took the sails off, removed all the cushions to take home, taped up various air entry points, and repositioned the dehumidifier.... the boat seems very dry, so its been making a huge difference.... We had the heater plugged into the same extension lead, and when I turned the heater up from its frostguard setting to warm her up, I popped the fuse on the extension lead.... never mind, just plugged the dehumidifier in directly into the socket... just hope it doesn't get too cold this week... We've drained down the water, and opened every locker... I'm down both days next weekend getting some of the long list of jobs started.... want to start repositioning the winches, perhaps mount the radar unit below, and take a few measurements such as where to fix the rope clutches, the forepeak cushions, the forepeak walls (for carpet lining)... and mount the compass in the saloon bulkhead.... one step at a time eh!

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