Friday, 2 December 2005

radar pole

Going down to the boat on Sunday to check that all is OK, and that the dehumdifier is working as required..... While I'm there, i'll bring back a load more cushions, so that we can begin covering them.... Saw an interesting article in this months PBO about making drawers... another thing to add to the list! We are intending to move the liferaft from its current home below the chart table to one of the cockpit lockers.... that'll free up the space under the chart table to turn into storage space... thought a few draws would be good... plus some draws in the currently wasted space below the galley lockers.... Will need to box in the second locker so that I can relocate the fenders to it, but will also need to make the floor removable, as this is the only access point to the back of the engine, the shaft seal, the rudder post and the exhaust..... Last, but not least, I am looking at buying a radar pole.... the 24" raydome I have is a bit too large to go on the mast... I've found a secondhand one, but not sure what its worth.....or what the seller wants for it..... will need to relocate the GPS aerial to the same pole, otherwise I'll be growing a forest in the cockpit with the GPS, radar and wind gen all on their own poles!

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