Saturday, 10 December 2005

cutting holes in your boat!

Spent the day down on Maggie today, getting a few jobs done.... On the starboard bulkhead by the companionway, there is (was) a Stowe wind direction indicator that had its mast head unit removed, so didn't work...... I removed it today, and have fitted the Plastimo compass in the hole left.... only had to make some minor alterations to the hole shape, so that helped..... I did need to put a plywood backing plate on the compass, otherwise, I couldn't get suitable location for the compass mounting bolts.... its a piece of 10mm untreated ply... so it'll need to come off in the spring to be replaced with a neater piece that is varnished to make it weather proof... Did manage to re-use the switch that previously turned the wind indicator on/off as a switch for the compass light.... after 1/2 hour of tracking down where the wire ran, and how it was wired up.... Also, spent 2 hours cutting apart the shelves and drawers by the chart table to make room for the Radar unit... got there... unit fits perfectly, and is now nicely located at the left hand side of the chart table, near the back... good viewing location, protected from spray and yet visible from the companionway...... Removed the dodgers an stowed them below..... Don't sound like much, but took me 5 hours to do all this..... Still, thats two more jobs crossed off the list..... just 68 to go.....

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