Monday, 1 August 2005

sticky fingers

Just a short entry... not much to report really.... This weekend, as planned was a building weekend....mainly the forepeak berths.... the uprights, and the dividers are in and epoxied into place.... it all fitted quite well....bit of a ball ache trying to work out how to hold things in place while the epoxy mix reached a sufficiently frm state to hold things themsleves... made a bit of a mistake getting the slow setting catalyst.... should have ordered the quicker one... but it was very hot when I ordered it... This took me pretty much all weekend, being somewhat restricted by having to wait 7 to 9 hours for each application to cure to a workable state... Got home Sunday evening, and cut out the berth tops using the cardboard templates made earlier in the day.... Back down to the boat this evening to apply the first coat of varnish, and if it dries sufficiently, a second coat.. and to trial fit the berth tops..... and then tommorrow evening to epoxy the tops in place.... That leaves Wednesday evening to fit the trim, to cut out the access hatches and fix them in place, and to apply a further coat of varnish..... We ordered a compressor refridgerator unit Friday, so with a bit of luck, I might get that fitted before we go... Also fitted a small voltmeter for the battries.... great, except it has a small resistor in series on the earth lead that I managed to break need to order another resistor... still, we'll cope without that for a week! I also tried to fit a new stern light to replace the one with a cracked glass..... the mounting plate is on the pushpit rails... natrurally, the new light has different mounting holes, so after blunting two drill bits trying to drill the holes through a 4mm thick stainless plate I gave up... I still need to make a mounting bracket for the outboard otherwise its in the boat for the whole holiday..... So little time, so much to do!

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