Wednesday, 17 August 2005


We're going to have a weekend off this coming weekend.... after a week on board, we really need to get a few jobs done at home...... The following weekend is the bank holiday weekend, and we are hoping that, weather permitting, we'll head towards Lowestoft.... we've been threatening to do it all summer, so this could be our last chance, as its a bit too far for a normal 2 day weekend.... Then I think we've got one more weekend sail, and then we are into various other activities....all sailing related naturally! Mid week i'm crewing for Jim for a day at Burnham Week on his SO35.... later in September its the Scuttlebutt Cherbourg trip that I'm doing with Steve on his Oceanis 331.... We've promised my 9 years old neice a trip to Stone Point for a Barbeque one weekend... shes a keen Oppy sailor, and is DESPERATE to come out with us on Maggie! A few more weekend trips, and before we know it, the boat will be out of the water... we've still got to decide when to do that yet...... thinking about perhaps just bringing her out for January....the marina gives us a month free, so need to assess the charges before I make any serious decisions... In the middle of September of course is the Southampton Boat Show.... it'll be interesting this year for a number of reasons... firstly it'll be our first visit as boat owners, so i'm sure we'll approach it differently.. secondly, our plans to buy a brand new boat are formulating... we intended to keep Maggie for 3 years all along, but with a fair wind, we may be able to afford to make the move next Autumn.. a year and a half earlier than planned.... as its only just over a year away, we may spend a bit of time looking at a few new boats a bit more seriously.... it'll be the normal range of Ben/Jen/Bavs on the list, something around 35 to 37 feet... as they'll give us the most for our money, and after all, we want a cruiser, not an ocean passage maker.... so no comments about... "ooh... you'd be better off with a xxxxxxxx"...!

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