Thursday, 4 August 2005


Berths finished! (well enough to be useable anyway - still needs a bit of trim) Bit of a cock up with the cool box...... compressor worked very well indeed... lovely cold box, but when I got down to the boat last night it wasn't running..... darn I thought... don't need this now.... Anyway.... what had actually happened was when I had fitted the power supply to the services battery for the fridge (its through a switch before you all tut!), I had dropped the nut on the battery clamp.... and in retrieving it from under the battery, I had pushed the lead from the shore power supply into a neat little hidden spot, so hadn't reconected it.... Having turned the coller up to full whack, it had demanded around 4 amps for 24 hours, and the battery was protesting!... the fridge unit has a low voltage cut out, and so it was a simple matter of re-connecting the shore power/battery charged, and click, everything fired off again.... the battery was charging at full pelt when I left last night!.. probably won't do it any harm to be discharged a little bit... it wasn't too heavily discharged thankfully because of the low voltage cutout... so shouldn't be any permanent harm... Weather is looking OK for the weekend.... planning to head for Ramsgate on saturday... wind is going to be in the west, with perhaps a touch of Northerly, so shouldn't really be any upwind work with perhaps the exception of the last couple of miles into Ramsgate..... it'll be somewhere between 5 and 15kts, so quite OK really.... as well as about 23 degrees... Sunday will be a day of rest!, and then a monday passage over to France.... the wind should be turning northerly, so again a decent downhill run.... Got to make the outboard mount this evening... Got my wireless card to work this morning in the laptop, so if I can find a network anywhere I'll try to post as we go....

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