Sunday, 19 May 2013

Thinking out loud

I'm always accused of thinking out loud, so figured why not type out loud instead!

Here's a few things floating around in my head...

I've got the top of the fuel tank fitted with a 90 degree elbow for the filler.... the elbow has male threads on the tank, but the plastic threads on the tank itself are stripped.... however, all is not lost... the threads are in a bolted on inspection hatch.... so.... I think i'll remove the hatch and bolt a male-male connector on and then the elbow can bolt to that.... the only problem will be clearance on the floor that fits in above it.... I either need to find a very low profile elbow, or carve a little recess into the bottom of the access panel that drops in over it. First things first, I need to remember to measure the thread size... think its 1 1/2" BSP.

Secondly, its the mainsail reefing system. Currently there are three reefing points, through a small track on the exterior of the boom and 3 cars.... however, they lead back to a small winch mounted on the boom... so its out of the cockpit to reef.... I also have the main halyard on a winch on the mast' along with the topping lift on the other side of the mast.... so how do I bring all this back?
I've toyed with putting another track on the gooseneck end of the boom, but then the leads would be wrong as the boom shifted....and i'd still need to head to the mast for the halyard and reefing spectacles.... An option is to put a triple block on the gooseneck and lead lines along the boom through this block, up the tack and then down to the deck.... but not sure that the lead along the boom will be very good.... a second option is to simply bite the bullet and buy a new boom with built in reefing... but that tends to deal with the clew only.... so not sure on this one yet.
Either way, i'll need to fit something at the base of the mast for turning blocks (both mounts and the blocks themselves), some deck organisers, clutches and new winches.... also enlarge the hole through the dog house where the lines pass through.

Third thing.... what do I actually need to lead back.... I'm working on the three reefing lines, the main halyard and the topping lift.... and then staysail sheet.... but that leaves the staysail traveller lines a little stranded, so need to work out what to do with them.... added complication is that there is only room on the starboard coach roof for 2 lines due to the location of the garage cover.... but fortunately the main halyard is that side... not sure if 5 lines one side and only one the other makes sense.

Last, but not least, i'm trying to decide where to put the plotter.... latest thinking is to buy a rail mount for the wheel, and put a pod on it with the plotter... that way, it's right at the wheel, so useful for the driver.... but on the flip side only the helm can see it.... maybe that's not an issue, as the plotter i'm planning on getting (Raymarine e7) can repeat to an iPad....

Phoenix of Hamble.... there's still some money to be spent on you!

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