Tuesday, 28 May 2013

fuel filling

Phoenix of Hamble is getting her new fuel filling system shortly!

I've ordered the replacement elbow and hose-tails from ASAP supplies, along with a new filler cap.... all to be fitted shortly, and then we'll no longer be filling down below, but will have a nice deck filler cap.

It also means that I can refit the fuel tank hatch (I need to fit the elbow before the cap is put back on), which means that I can stick a few litres of clean diesel in and get it through the filters and get the engine started.

I'm worrying about the watery diesel sitting in the filters at present, so want to get it out and flushed through as soon as possible.

While i'm at it, i've ordered a 500ml bottle of Marine16 diesel biocide, which won 'best in test' in PBO recently for removing any bug from diesel tanks and systems.... so should all be OK before too long.

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