Saturday, 16 February 2013

rusty bolts and skinned knuckles

Having arrived down at the boat late friday evening, have spent all day removing the bolts that hold the genoa tracks and stanchions on.... or at least some of them... two thirds of the way down one side.

As ever, a few came out really easily, and a few stubbornly refused. One in particular ended up with me having to cut the nut off with a hacksaw... and as you would expect, the nut was buried in the most awkward and inaccessible location...

It also involved a substantial amount of dismantling of furniture to get at the nuts, so right now, the boat looks worse than when I got here, with bits of odd wood scattered all over the place, and all the guard wire on one side laying on the deck!

So, why?

Because, these things always leak on older boats, so replacing the bolts, along with a good amount of decent sealant is really good preventative maintenance, and also deals with the few that were weeping slightly, and allowing small damp patches to appear.

So, hopefully, should be all done by the time I leave monday afternoon, and a few more minor leaks dealt with, and a nice consistent set of bolts holding stuff down on deck, rather than the current mix and match!

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