Friday, 4 January 2013

and on we go....

7 doors now have a second coat.... all shiny!.... too shiny!

They'll look better for the final satin coat. However, I don't have any satin varnish left... so have ordered some. While I was at it, I ordered a few other bits... the hinges (hoorah - finally), the catches, a new LED tricolour, a new combined steaming/deck light and a couple of replacement lift rings for the sole boards (to see what the quality is like before I order the rest).

The chandler didn't have enough catches in stock, but should have them all by next week... will send the remainder foc.

While i'm at it, last week I ordered a bag of hardwood wedges to finally chock the mast up properly... an eBay bargain!


  1. Sounds like everything is coming along! More pics would be great, but I know how much time a blog takes.

    What catches did you end up ordering for the doors?

  2. Hi Myron,

    Yes, more pics soon!

    catches for cupboards are external

    door handles for main saloon/heads doors etc still to be ordered... will try to keep existing mortice fittings.