Friday, 18 May 2012

pumps and pipes

Have today ordered all the bits needed to fit the fridge and bilge pump through hulls. I've also ordered the 2 new bilge pumps needed. I've got large deep bilges, and so have gone for slightly larger bilge pumps. They are barely any more expensive than the normal small ones, and for the additional peace of mind, its seemed worth it. So we'll have the capacity to pump out 5,000 gallons per hour, or 17,000 Lites per hour if you prefer. This is of course theoretical capacity, and we will have a small rise to the outlet, so it'll be a bit less, so hopefully not too much. I've also decided to fit seacocks to all the through hulls for the bilge pump and fridge, even though they are above the waterline. Better safe than sorry. I have however, gone for cheaper versions for these, rather than the very expensive Bronze versions, that are much better at handling electrolytic problems, with just the fridge intake that is below the waterline in Bronze (and that's only tiny, so not too expensive). Along the way, i've managed to get the second coat of varnish on the doors for the forward heads. I'me not back on board until the following weekend, so hope to have them completed by then, to nicely finish the whole thing off.

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