Thursday, 10 May 2012


I've tentatively set myself a date of 4th Aug to have enough done on Phoenix to get her out of the marina, but the more I think about it, the less likely I think I am to achieve it...

I keep adding things to the list of 'must do's' as I think about it... and the list is getting pretty darned long!
Its not a case of picking the things that will make it possible and bring ruthless... There are a ton of things that are essential, and i'll either run out of funds or time.

Examples i've recently added include getting an ensign staff and mounting it, new batteries (i'm pretty sure the old ones are a bit too tired), fitting an anchor light, nav lights, installing the VHF and aerial, new wiring for the windlass, draining and cleaning the fuel tank and wiring up the alternator, starter and gauges....

Not to say i wont keep trying, but confidence not high.


  1. The list will never actually end, it's just a case of picking a suitable mid work point at which to go sailing.
    Vexacious problem indeed.

  2. Agree.... But its the 'mid point' bit that's the problem!.... :)