Monday, 9 April 2012

Which instruments?

Got to get Phoenix lifted before too long to replace all the seacocks... And while she's out, it makes sense to fit the new instrument senders... So got to decide which instruments before too long...

Currently thinking that i'll go with something pretty basic, rather than the modern colour sophisticated systems available as i can repeat all NMEA data on the plotter anyway...

Favourites at present are Advansea... I can get a complete set of three displays with all senders for £649!

That compares with £1200 for Raymarine or £800 for a Garmin system with just one display!

So, it'll be a busy time when she's lifted with (I think) 8 seacocks to fit below the waterline, and 4 above it, new senders, and all the holes to refill/resize with epoxy.

I'll also need to antifoul and redo the boot topping while i'm at it... Phew!


  1. Neil, have you looked at fitting Airmar Transducers. Pricey, but very adaptable. Ought to be NMEA2000 capable, are you having a Bus network backbone in?

  2. Airmar NMEA 2000 is tempting Jim, but add the cost of NMEA 2000 instrument heads and it makes it seriously expensive, or leaves me too much of a single point of failure if I use the plotter as the display