Saturday, 10 December 2011

Charging along

Well, at least the batteries are!

Temperature was a bloody shock when i climbed on board last night, but after closing up aft cabin with a heater it was ok....

Today, i seem to have not acheived much for a whole days work... Just installed the new battery charger... However, it did entail refitting the isolator switches as the bulkhead they are mounted on is so thick that i couldnt get the battery cables on... So had to remove loads of wood from the back... I also routed quite a few battery cables, removed the old charger and wired up the new one... Switched it on and the pontoon fuse tripped!

After a bit of examing and reconnecting, i got the marina to reset the fuse and away she went.

So now we are running the domestics off the domestic batteries, as well as charging both domestic and starter battery... Much better!

Another freezing night ahead of me i suspect... Better keep busy or i'll freeze up!

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