Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Back on the job


Hope you all had a terrific xmas and trust Santa brought you lots of boaty bits!

Back on board today and spent several hours removing paint from the forepeak.

Its been previously painted, and the plan was to repaint it, but with a bit more care. However, the paint proved to be poorly adhered, and started to scrape off quite easily.

After removing a fair amount it was becoming clear that the wood is in great condition, and it looked really good back to as original. So that's the way it'll be staying.

Much more to do yet though... Lots more paint to remove, as well as the headlining in the forepeak, and that will be a challenge. There is loads of batten work holding it up, and also the load spreading plate for the inner forestay.

But, the mojo is back!

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