Sunday, 6 November 2011

Tidied and quit!

Got up this morning, and started to fit the battery cabling to fit the Sterling A2B and the battery charger, to find that the terminals on the new battery cables have holes in a smidgen too small to fit on the 3way and isolator switches... no problem, there's more than enough material in them to enlarge the holes slightly, only I didn't have the required tools with me... so did a whole load of tidying up, and came home.

There are parts of the boat that I haven't seen in several weeks!... I also brought home a good pile of cushions, so that as I complete the battery wiring, I can start tackling the stripping and varnishing without either covering everything in dust, or having to undertake a major rearrange everytime I start a new area. Probably a good thing to do this time of the year anyway.

This weekend has been really positive. I feel like i've made some major progress. What it has done is made me realise that I need to get on and get the gas and fridge done, as then i'm getting close to having a habitable space, where I can spend an entire week without having to nip out every two days for food, or can eat properly, rather than living on snacks....

With the forepeak largely cleared of clutter, I can see me getting that part of the boat well under way before too long.

It will be frustrating being able to finish an entire cabin, but not get the headlining completed, but that will be almost the last job, as the dust will play havoc with new headlining, and the material is sufficiently expensive, that it will just have to wait!

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