Saturday, 5 November 2011

Hot water!

Another fine day of progress!

Old calorifier removed, new one in, pipework to galley sink, and immersion heater wired up.

The old calorifier was an absolute pig to get out. All the connections were rusted to the point that I had to cut them off, and it was buried deep in a locker and needed lots of dissmantaling to remove. When i finally managed to undo the bolts holding it in, which required contortionist skills, i pulled from the top of the immersion heater, which promptly crumbled it was so rusty!

New one was the same size, so fitted neatly, but the take offs were in a different position, so i'll lose 6" of wet locker, but can live with that.. Still to reassemble the locker anyway.

The pipework was easy, other than when i removed the end stop from the cold water system, despite having turned the pump off, i'd forgotten to open the tap and let the pressure off, so soaked myself with a jet of water... Only an accumulator full.

And then I had a stroke of genius. In the saloon is a lit switch for the old battery charger... No longer needed, but i had enough 240V cable to route to it, so now the immersion is nicely switched in a visible place... saves a hole in the seating area too!

Left it an hour, and joy beyond joy... Running hot and cold water, at least to the galley anyway. I'll extend it to the heads as i start working on them.

Tomorrow i'll start fitting the new battery charger, the 3 way switch and the isolators, so that the domestics are serviced properly. Currently i'm running everything off the engine start battery.

And then, clear the forepeak and start getting all the wiring in and working my way backwards... Tons to do, but progress is very motivating!

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