Sunday, 31 July 2011

while we're waiting

let me tell you a bit more about the new boat we're buying...

As i've said previously, she's an Explorer 45, which was designed by the legendary Stan Huntingford, and aimed mainly at the US market.

She's a ketch, with a cutter arranged foredeck.

Overall, she weights about 18 tons, of which about 40% is in the long keel... there are long overhangs at either end, with a lovely flowing lead in from the bow, meaning that she's ride nicely in a heavy sea, as well as a pretty retrousse transom to ensure that there is lots of bouyancy out of the water for when things get heavy.

The decks are teak from end to end with a 5" deep gunwhale, helping to keep the decks dry in anything other than the foulest weather!

In terms of her condition, she's benefited from a few major bits of work in the last 3 or 4 years... her decks have been completely overhauled, with around 40% of the teak replaced and the whole deck recaulked and plugged. The masts have been resprayed, and all the standing rigging replaced....

Below decks, she's been rewired for 240V, had new heads, oven, and seating fitted..

She's still got some work to be done though... the woodwork below (all solid teak) needs pretty much entirely stripping back and revarnishing, and the 12V all needs replacing

Mechanically, the engine is sound, having been serviced, and had essential parts replaced... as well as the cutlass bearing being reglassed back in and a new prop fitted.

There are a pile of other bits too from a new wind generator to a petrol generator below, as well as things like a new galvanic isolator...

So... lots and lots to do.... but hpefully the survey will confirm our understanding that she's a good solid base to work upon, and that the work is cosmetic!

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