Monday, 11 July 2011

still waiting...

Last month, I blogged that we are planning on buying a new boat.... or more accurately, that we've found a new boat... but our buyer on Morgana fell through, and we'd spent 2 very frustrating months trying to sell her....

...well, now make that 3 very frustrating months.

We've just reduced the price by a further £5k, making her a remarkable deal for someone. She's immaculate, has brand new sails, and lots of goodies to make her ready to sail immediately...

But it appears that the market is quite flat at present.

So, we wait.

We've avoided using her this year, while we try to sell her, as we've cleaned her pretty thoroughly... so as a consequence, we've not actually sailed yet this year, which is hurting. So much in fact, that next weekend, we're going sailing. Its our annual Pirates weekend.. which is always a hoot... but long range forecasts aren't looking wonderful.

Hopefully more positive news to report soon, and the blogging of a delivery trip!

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