Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Pirates 2011

This weekend saw the 4th installment of the now annual pirate weekend.... for those that haven't heard of this (where have you been?), its a meet up of a load of sailing friends, where we gather on a beach, build a big bonfire, BBQ, and make merry...

Its bloody good fun.

This year, the weather gods well and truly blessed us. We arrived down at Morgana Friday evening, and within an hour had slipped through the lock to what can only be described as the perfect evening... 26°, comfortably shorts and tee shirts weather, and about 16kts of wind.... it doesn't get much better!

We were at Stone point in no time and anchored quickly and easily... and thus the festivities began... over the next 24 hours, boat after boat arrived, and Saturday, also a lovely warm day, saw 70 or so of us on the beach....

a superb bonfire in the evening, lots of cremated BBQ food, a few cold beers, and great company... how could it ever be improved!

Miles logged 12nm
Miles this season 377nm
Miles since this blog started 4,957nm

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