Tuesday, 27 July 2010

new sails

New sails finally arrived, and fitted perfectly... hoorah!

Its been a little bit of a trauma getting them though... initially promised Last week June/First week July... by 6th July i'd called to say... "OK... where are they?"

Several promised dates came and went, with me doing all the chasing, and eventually I blew my top, and was promised Friday 23rd July....

In the end didn't make it down to Morgana until Sat 24th, to discover that only the mainsail had arrived... grrrrrr

Genoa finally arrives on Monday, despite being covered in stickers saying Sat delivery.... so slight reduction in blame on sailmakers.... but they did promise them for friday... not sat!

The courier, Parcelforce, claim that they attempted a Sat delivery, but no-one was there.

Well ParcelForce, if you are going to lie, then try making it a convincing one.

The 'no-one was there' location is a 24/7 manned lock gate, which has to be manned without a break for emergency cover (its even used by the RNLI to drop off rescued boats).... and further more, on a Saturday, the place would be teeming with people... pretty shabby attempt at lying that cost me £40 in fuel to drive down and check the sails fitted...

But overall we have new sails... i'm going to enjoy that lovely crinkly noise and feel that they make for a few months!

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