Sunday, 13 June 2010

new bits!

OK, so the new cooker has arrived... its a Nelson Spinflo, and we are very very pleased with it... it looks to be very well made, and seems extremely robust.. i've got the fun of fitting it yet though... i'm not sure that the gimbals will be easy to mount!

Next, we went Saturday and collected the new tender.... that was fun to get in the car!... fortunately we'd thought it through in advance, and tooks Debs mini MPV... still a squash, but we did get it in enough to be safe, along with the use of roof racj straps to tie the boot lid down... I am absolutely delighted with it... after inf;ating, and sticking it on the davits, I am pleased we went for the 2.5m and not the 2.9m... that would have been too big... the 2.5m is perfect, and looks great on the davits... not only that, but the hard keel with built in hoisting points allows it to sit a good 18" higher when hoisted, so tidier and safer.

Last, but not least, we finally got the measurements sorted for the new sails... what a palaver!

We needed to take the sails off in order to measure luff lengths (by hoisting a tape measure on the halyard)... its easier said than done to remove sails in 15kts of wind when its right up the chuff!... Debs hung onto the sheets valiantly as the sails tried to rip Morgana from her berth, but we got there, and I think Debs only got airborne twice!

We had been hoping to get to Nev and Janey's au revoir BBQ (they're off cruising long term next week), but sadly, we just didn't have time... having to be back for the first match in the world cup at pain of death from Matthew... sorry N&J... we all hope you have a wonderful time, and are thoroughly jealous!

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