Saturday, 12 September 2009

forecast and fixing

Well, We listened to the inshore waters forecast this morning, and after hearing F5 to 6 increasing 7, we decided that it needed to be a day in the marina, doing a bit of fixing instead...

So, here we are set on the boat at 20h00, and there is no wind at all... none.. zip... nowt....

So much for forecasts...

On the positive side, we've got a fair few jobs done.

During the week I bought some of those little wheels that fit on the guardwires to ensure that the sail doesn't snag up on the guardwires... they are fitted..

Next I had noticed a small worn bit on the furling line for the main... closer inspection showed it to be a bit worse than I thought... so it was cut out... this proved somewhat more challenging than I expected... the knot tying the line to furling drum was inside the furling drum... and the correct way of getting at it was less obvious than you might think... but eventually, I worled it out... the furling line is now 12" shorter, but without a worn bit..

Next I took a long look at the lines coming down the mast, through blocks, and back to the cockpit... they weren't sensibly laid out... several were slightly crossed, and they could have been better routed through the oragnisers, so that was addressed... now I need new labels for the clutches as the lines are in different places.... I did find one wheel on the starboard organiser was jammed solid... it took some time to free it... but now everything should run much more easily..

After this, I worked on how to finish the watermaker install.. its not done, but I've got it sussed at last...

Finally, I added a small bit of string between the dorade vent and the mast to stop the sheets dropping behind it, and then retied the sheets... hopefully that will reduce the number of snags of the genoa sheets on various things on the foredeck.

Now i'm going to sit and relax!

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