Monday, 1 June 2009

not really saily

We had to be back Friday, as we had been invited to the 50th birthday party of one of our close sailing friends on Saturday evening....

And what a night it was!

We camped at a local camping site.... a real reminder of how much you forget to appreciate a loo on board!

Sunday was a steady start..... including a walk down to Essex marina.... on a truly glorious day, It was rather frustrating to see boats setting off down river on a broad reach in 15kts of wind, and with 25° temperature..... offset by the chance to see Sirenia, whom we helped to clean out the previous autumn after she sank, back on the water, and looking better than ever, in fact, better than before she sank!

Besides this pleasure, we've managed to convince a group of Solent sailors that they should be heading over to the East Coast in the autumn, in return for the numerous trips we've taken with them over the years.... really looking forward to that... plan is to head to Nieuwpoort.....

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