Thursday, 20 November 2008

Marina fees

We've just got the bill for the annual marina I say every year, its seems a cruel time of the year to send out the bill!They've only gone up two percent this year, perhaps an indicator of the harder economic climate?I've just added a countdown on the home page until we plan to depart.... its sitting at 111 months.. It seems almost unkind on myself to put that there, but only last night Debs and I were discussing that this year has simply vanished byIf the next 9 or so go as quickly, then we'll be off before we know what's happened!We are also aware that unless you plan far enough in advance, and actually do something about it, then you'll never be in a position to go.It also depends upon what the kids end up doing...... I hope they'll go to Uni, but who knows.... Both Debs and I were quite independent of our parents at an early age, so hope ours are too!

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