Friday, 15 August 2008

summer returns

What a great day!We'd decided to head for Dieppe after a few days of enforced waiting in Bolougne, where we'd made the most of our stay, including trip to aquarium that I can only speak of in the highest regard....a truly world class facility.We'd also waited an extra day after the wind had vanished to let the sea settle slightly.... vindicated by a quick bike trip down to the sea front on Thursday which despite the light winds, still showed waves breaking over the sea wall.So when we arose Friday to very few knots of wind, bright clear skies and warm sun, I was really quite looking forward to the sail.... and it didn't dissapoint.We exited the harbour to a mere 5kts, across the beam, so the main was hoisted and we motor sailed, wearing shorts and tee shirts.... the wind then steadily built throughout the day, reaching 15kts as we completed the final few miles into Dieppe, but sadly coming round onto the nose, so we remained motor sailing the whole way. It wasn't as bad as it sounds though, as for much of the journey I was able to keep the engine barely ticking over, just enough to stop the main stalling, and thus we made the 56nm in 9.5hrs.Entering Dieppe was hard work, simply because the entrance wasn't at all clear until we were within 0.5nm, and the IPTS system was invisible in daylight, even when right underneath it!But enter we did, to find a classically pretty little French town, which I am enormously looking forward to exploring tomorrow!

Miles logged 56nm
Miles this season 531nm
Miles this trip 138nm
Miles since this blog started 3,468nm

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