Tuesday, 11 July 2006

plans for the weekend

Got my parents along this weekend..... Its the Old Gaffers Association Swallows and Amazons weekend, and a number of use are all going to anchor at Stone Point, have a BBQ ashore, a small fire, toast some marsh mallows, and generally chill out.... We've also got Monday and Tuesday off work, so will be heading down towards Bradwell Sunday, maybe Brightlingsea Monday and back to Ipswich Tusday afternoon.... Forecast is superb... 10mph and 29 degrees! My Eberspacher heater turned up in the post this morning, as did the battery boxes... so thats another couple of jobs to add to the list.... Hopefully I can get the heater fitted reasonably quickly, so that we can extend our season a bit.. Also, toying with the idea of buying some fishing gear, so that we can have a go at catching our supper occasionally... eBay, here we come!

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