Sunday, 16 July 2006

hot again

I arose early as usual (can't ever get over my weekday work morning alarm calls), to see a fantastic day... it was already warm, and the wind had moderated to 13kts... So after a healthy large fried breakfast, we relaxed a bit awaiting enough water to leave safely, did a bit of fishing... didn't catch anything... and then set off at 11h30. We had a superb sail out of the Backwaters, turned to starboard, and set off a way out to sea, and then tacked back over after about an hour, and headed back towards Harwich. The wind had built slightly to about 17kts, and I stuck a turn or two on the genny... we reached at 9kts SOG back to Harwich in blazing hot sunshine.... bliss.... SWMBO is getting more and more warm to the idea of perhaps 'selling up and sailing'! As we dropped under Felixstowe, as usual, the wind vanished, and by the time we reached Pin Mill, we had to give up, and motor sail the rest of the way.... Soon through the lock, and heading towards the berth, I saw that the wind was blowing us off, so I quickly made up a short line with a loop either end, and instructed SWMBO on how to set it as a spring... we came alongside, she slipped the loop over the end cleat, and I motored against it.... excellent... it worked very well on our short pontoon, and we made our best arrival yet at our home berth, which remains 6 feet too short for the boat! Fed everyone, and mum and dad departed for home.... quiet ensued... kids will be getting an early night... we have two more days to go yet, and the forecast is superb!

Miles logged 10nm
Miles this season 343nm
Miles since this blog started 1,124nm

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