Wednesday, 18 January 2006

just rambling...

Not posted anything for 10 days, so thought I'd better put something up..... My parents have bought me a table leg for my birthday, and I have my eye on a table top on eBay, so perhaps we'll be able to eat belowmore comfortably than present, where we are forced to use a folding table.... its OK, but wouldn't be much good in any kind of sea..... Also, been planning away for our Oostende trip in May, and meeting up with a few peeps in Feb to discuss an intenary.... Also, have arranged for Maggie to be lifted out on 2nd March for 3 weeks to get her scrubbed, scraped, antifouled, polished, replace the anodes, replace one seacock (thats seems Ok, but inside is a bit corroded, so don't want to take a risk) that I've got to remove anyway, as M dropped a little rubber ball down the drain, and the ball is stuck in the bottom (know that cuz I stuck a hosedown the pipe and could hear the ball rattling around in the pipe!), and check the stern tube, rudder etc etc... So thats every weekend in March written off.... (I am going to be so unpopular!)

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