Monday, 2 January 2006

hum drum

Well, its 2006 already! We went down to Maggie new years eve for a couple of hours..... to check out she was OK..... all was well... only problem is that while the dehumidifier seems to drain through the hose into the sink OK, it also drips a little into the internal container, so eventually the cut out comes on.... seems to take about a fortnight though, so not too much of a problem.... While we were there I measured up the forepeak walls for carpet....The bottom companionway step had been a bit wobbly, so I had taken the whole thing home and repaired it... all now seems well.... Spent a load of last night recovering the second cushion......2 down, 3 to go... plus two more to make completely for the forepeak.... 2nd effort was definitely better... but i've only done the two easy ones... completely rectangular..... next is the more challenging ones from the pilot berths and the quarter berth... all strange shapes! Also, went out today and bought some carpet for the walls in the forepeak.... specialist marine wall carpet would have been £56 plus VAT and delivery..... following advice, bought foam backed bathroom carpet (made from man made materials, so won't rot) from local carpet superstore for £15.... and will have enough spare to cover a planned anchor winch motor box to avoid the kids smacking their heads on it! While we down at Maggie New Years eve, we popped over to Haven marina again.... guy in the office wasn't very able to help with regards to berthing space, but implied that there might be some.... will try calling on Tuesday..... The Chandlers was shut.... weather related apparently, even though all the snow had melted and gone 24hrs previously! and finally, popped over to see some friends who liveaboard (or rather popped over to see some friends after pleading from the kids to see their very cute puppy!), and are at Haven out of the water replacing their engine..... Did wonder for a while whether we should have sailed new years day, but when we got back to car, it was really very very cold.... and with no heating on board wouldn't have been that much fun...... Ah well.... only 2 or 3 months and it'll be warming up again....

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