Wednesday, 23 November 2005

location location location...

We're happy in the Marina that we are in..... but it does have a couple of downsides.... firstly being right on the waterfront in Ipswich, next to all the waterside pubs, and a convenient thoroughfare, so can get a bit noisy on warm summer weekend nights, secondly, there isn't much in the way of facilities, just a showerblock, albeit a nice one, and last but not least, we can only have 4 weeks out of the water maximum unless we pay another yard to have the boat ashore... We have stayed there, partly because we have a 12 month contract, and partly because we have made good friends with a fellow pontoon user.... However, they have been across at a neighbouring marina ashore, having an engine replacement, and have decided to stay over there.... They have thought much the same as us, that this neighbouring marina is much better facilities wise... there is a chandlery, a pub/restaurant, grassed area ashore and it is just far enough away from the quay to be much quieter.... and ultimately, it just seems a little bit friendlier... Furthermore, we have several other friends across at this other marina, including a couple of other ybw forumites..... We've had our name down at this marina speculatively for some time, and it looks like we'll get a space in the new year... Only downside is that we'll have to take the space from January... which means that for 3 months we'll be paying two marina..... ouch.... not sure how we'll afford that.... Only other news is that my handheld GPS bought off eBay turned up, and works a treat... not bad for £15!!!!

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