Monday, 21 November 2005

just rambling

... still.... as some of you might comment... Bought a handheld GPS off eBay over the weekend.... another expense... just wish I could stop spending money on things that aren't even on my winter 'to-do' list! Nipped down to the boat Sunday afternoon to put a dehumidifier on board, and also a greenhouse frost guard heater.... removed companion way steps, so hopefully that'll keep the engine compartment protected as well.... plus drained down the water system... I taped up all the air vents.... but looking at the garage hatch cover over the companionway, that isn't very airtight, so I need to look at how I seal that a bit more effectively.... also realised when I got home that I've left the anchor chain locker wide open, and the hawse pipe will be letting in fresh air... so I'm, albeit not too badly, dehumidifying Ipswich at the moment.... Apart from that, all i've done is added another 10 or so jobs to the winter 'to-do' list..... sigh.....

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