Monday, 18 July 2005

cruising plans

What to do with our forthcoming week off? I'm rapidly learning not to plan ahead, as whatever I decide seems to never come to fruition.... but, in true form, ignoring my own advice, I thought I'd put a bit of thinking time into what to do during our 9 days afloat... My initial thoughts are to get down to the boat Friday night, and then Sataurday down to Ramsgate, Sunday in Ramsgate, Monday over to Dunkerque, Tuesday in Dunkerque, Wednesday along to Oostende, Thursday in Oostende, Friday back to Ramsgate, Saturday/Sunday back to Ipswich, perhaps via Bradwell or Burnham.... Alternative is to Head north to Lowestoft, and perhaps visit Southwold, the Deben, Ore/Alde..... Guess it all depends upon wind direction... and the tides that I haven't looked at yet..... At least next weekend is nice and straightforward, weather permitting, we are planning to go to Stone point, and anchor again, as its the Swallows and Amazons weekend with the Old Gaffers Association, and it'll be fun.....

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