Friday, 8 July 2005

Berth building

I've got the wood.... another £160... who ever said boat ownership can be cheap! I've built the first part of the berths... the bit that forms the stand in area in the forepeak.... I am quite pleased with the results even if I do say so myself.... I now need to take the bits down to the boat so that I can fit them, and confirm that they are OK size wise.... This is pretty much the only part of the berths that is held together with screws... all stainless of course! When its fitted, then I'll have to make up cardboard templates for the dividers and the berth tops.... and then cut the parts out at home... its just too impractical to take whole sheets of ply down to the boat without damaging them, and then cut them on the pontoon.... I'll make the templates, cut them at home, and then epoxy them in at the boat..... reckon another 4 to 6 weeks by the time I've been down, made the templates, brought them home, and then taken the finished articles back..... Been spending a bit of time this week thinking about the priorities for other spend on the boat..... few things that I'd quite like..... could do with a kedge anchor, a handheld GPS, perhaps abit more rope.... need to add winchers to teh winches as a self tailing fix.... longer term replace a couple of the winches with self tailers... I also want to fit 6 clutches and associated deck hardware to run things like the reefing lines and main halyard back to the cockpit.... Ah well..... its only money.....

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