Saturday, 4 June 2005

Gardens and glass

This weekend, SWMBO has decreed that our ever growing garden, which is starting to resemble a wildlife reserve, needs some care and attention...... its serious enough that we've had to order a skip..... into it have gone quite a bit of green waste, including several small trees, and quite a few years of various tired garden toys for the kids.... memories all the way.... This evening, i'm off down to the boat solo to measure up the forepeak accurately, so that I can order the timber for my planned berth conversion, and to start removing the final pipecot bracket.... the one that looks most challenging..... While I'm there, I'll take a good look at the rudder set up with a view to whetehr or not to proceed with the wheel conversion So no sail this weekend, but work getting done... Next weekend may well be the same, weather permitting, I'm going to try and get on with starting the forepeak berths... that way we can have some friends along for the first time....

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