Thursday, 23 June 2005

Berth building

I’ve been getting grief from SWMBO about finishing the forepeak…. Firstly, we’ll get an extra two berths, making a total of 7, so we can have friends come along more easily, and secondly, and probably more urgently, we can get the kids to bed, and still have the lights on!… so we can actually read again in the evenings, rather than be forced into either the cockpit, or sitting is a state of semi darkness! So I’ve order the materials to do it today….. £70 of stainless screws, resins, hardeners, pumps, mixing pots and thickening agents, and a further £160 of various forms of timber to get.... I am getting that from a local timber merchant simply because its not easy to get full size sheets delivered, and I have found a local timber specialist that can supply marine grade ply...... SWMBO has committed to making the cushions… we have the material.. (we bought a load on ebay… enough to recover all the cushions on the boat), but still need to get the foam…. That’s also bloody expensive….. Still, it’ll make the boat a whole load more useable, make it a whole load more fun for the kids by giving them their own private space, and give us a load of additional storage space in all the lockers under the berth…..

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