Thursday, 28 April 2005

Ramsgate bound

OK... Will has kindly offered to help for the final leg back from Ramsgate to Ipswich on Saturday, so thats looking good.... SWMBO is OK with, or at least has accepted the inevitability of, driving us down to Ramsgate, and then we need to decide whether she shoudl drive back home, and then on to Ipswich later in the day, or straight to Ipswich, and spend the day shopping..... going home would add about 90miles to the her trip, but she could end up having to hang around in Ipswich for 10 or more hours.... an interesting challenge with the kids in tow, and an even more interesting challenge for my credit card! I've tracked down and bought the batteries.... top tip - go to a battery specilaist away from the coast.... two marine batteries identified and purchased (in stock) for virtually the same price as I was quoted for one at a coastally located chandlery..... I'll be keeping a very close eye on them for the Ramsgate leg to see what is happening in terms of charging.... I might even invest in a battery monitor..... I'm still not 100% convinced its the batteries.... but they needed replacing anyway.. so its not a bad thing.... when I get the engine started again, i'll be rechecking voltages at the alternator, drops across the cables and the splitter and see what is actually reaching the batteries.... maybe an Adverc controller would be a more sensible investment than a monitor....

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