Wednesday, 20 April 2005


Worked from home today so that I could be in when the charts were re-delivered..... They turned up at 11:45.... two sets of Admiralty Small Craft folio packs... so 26 charts in total.. but pretty well packaged up.... but WOW....they turned up in a box big enough to sleep in!..... suspect the courier is charging by weight and not volume ;) Went through my stash of sailing mags earlier... pulled out several useful pilotage articles for Ramsgate, Newhaven and Brighton.... will save time.... Still need to do my pilotage this evening.... but... I'm meeting a load of guys from the ybw scuttlebut forum this evening for a drink and a bite to put it off to another night..... I MUST do them on Thursday evening... One other thing I forgot to mention.... Magna Carter previously had a steering compass fitted by the helm that was removeable... the previous owner wanted to keep it.... which I accepted as part of the price negotiation... I have therefore had to buy a new compass (Plastimo Contest 101 bulkhead)... (another £90)... but I don't have the ability to fit it yet with the boat down in Hamble... so I measured up the bottom washboard, and am intending to make up a blank washboard, and temporarily mount the compass in it... clever little me!... only two problems.... firstly, I haven't made the washboard yet..... thats Thursday evening too.... secondly, I left the measuremenst for the washboard on Magna Carter last weekend.... fortunately I think I can remember them, so I'll keep my fingers crossed.... 93mm high, 630mm at narrowest, 650mm at widest... whats the odds on it fitting?

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