Thursday, 4 December 2014

Phoenix has arisen.....

...out of the water, and into a cradle ashore.

Mast is down, and the winter tasks begin.

I have to, at some point, start working on the engine... I will take a few of the heavier and more 'sticky outy' bits off, to make the removal easier (and possibly get a few quid for ancilliaries that are OK still)

In the meantime, the polycarbonate for the hatch is now stuck in place and firmly screwed down... just a bit of sealant round the edges, more for neatness than watertightness, and that's ready to go back on.

The job hunt continues.... and once I'm gainfully employed again (for which I am now properly ready - getting bored at home), then I can get on and order the new bits I need to make the next big steps forward, including obviously the engine, but also new headlining, new door handles and catches, new plotter and radar, and heating system (plus possibly a new bow thruster).

Soooooo much still to do, but still hoping that 2015 will see us out of the marina, even if just for a test trip.

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