Saturday, 20 April 2013

Started up again

Finally.... Warm enough to stay on board without freezing to death. Its too far to travel for day trips!

So, today i've managed to put the final coat on the galley.... So that is the saloon varnishing FINISHED!!!!

I also managed to varnish the passageway to the aft cabin, along with the berth.... Only the first thinned coat, but its a start....

And finally, I fitted the remaining doors... A few catches short, so they'll need ordering.

This evening, i've been working out the engine rewire. Looks straightforward... The biggest challenge was identifying the alternator in order to work out what the four wires were. Its a Lucas A137, with a standard B+ and B-, but also had two others, with one marked W, which turns out to be the tacho feed, and one unlabelled, which is, I discover, WL, or warning lamp... No excitor circuit... Unless I end up having to feed a battery voltage to B+ given that its now going to be fitted to a Sterling smart regulator with built in spilt diode, hence no voltage at B+.

A few other bits to do, such as refill water circuits, rewire feeds from batteries, and remove excess wiring to starter panel, as well as final check on fuel condition, before attempting to start her.... Not optimistic after her little dunking in early 2012... Since when she was run for just 20 mins to flush her and dry her, along with oil changes twice, and not started since... So likely that starter and alternator are knackered.

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