Saturday, 3 March 2012

Varnishing technique

4 battens in total now stripped, sanded and have their first coat of varnish.

I'm using Epifanes Tung oil varnish, which when thinned down by 50% for the first coat, goes on beautifully. I'm looking forward to the final coat as the unthinned stuff will be a real treat!

I'm going for 3 coats only on this internal stuff... One 50% thinned, one 20% thinned and then a final coat of the 'brushed effect' version to get a nice matt finish. In between coats i'll rub down with 320 grade to just flatten off to get a good finish... Got a bit of work to do though reducing the dust levels... Nothing too serious, but you can see the odd spec in bright light.

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