Thursday, 2 July 2009

500 not out

Well, its had to happen eventually.... the 500th entry on this blog.... thats an awful lot of drivel for one person....... along the way i've had hundreds of e-mails and messages about it, ranging from "can you tell me more about XYZ", through "great blog, one of my favourites", to "the worlds most boring blog"... thank god we're all different!

Anyway... a fitting time to post about this coming weekend, which is the 3rd annual Pirate weekend at Stone Point in the Walton Backwaters.... the forecast is looking utterly fantastic, with sun and heat aplenty, and we have somewhere in the region of 60 or 70 people coming along.... funny how an event built around dressing up like a pirate, lighting a fire and generally making a bit of an idiot of yourself has had such a positive reception...

If it carries on like this, we'll need to find a different venue for 2010, as we're rapidly running out of space.... as it is, with the warm weather forecast, then I suspect it'll be tight this weekend, as loads of other boats will be there.... we may end up ferrying people from Hamford Water....

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