Sunday, 16 March 2008

...and the heavens opened

When it rains in the UK, it sure can rain...We arrived at the boat on Saturday morning a bit earlier than expected... we had planned on M playing footy on Sat morning, but he'd been a bit under the weather Friday night (enough to not want to go to Cubs, so it must have been bad!), and so we told him, no footy on Sat. Instead we wandered down to Ipswich, and arrived at Morgana by 11:00...And, hoorah... the water was back on.... so we filled the tanks....I looked into the bilge pump sump to check if it was as dry as usual, to see it steadily filling with water!!!!!Now, logic stated that this had to be as a consequence of filling the tanks, and quick taste test confirmed this... and what followed was a frantic 15 mins of hunting around trying to find the source.... eventually it was traced back.... it was the flippin shower fitting that i'd reconnected over the winter..... ******!... however, a pinch up (as tight as I could get it) with a spanner reduced the leak to a drip.... enough to be able to take a breather and make a cuppa!We then unpacked the final pile of stuff brought down...I inflated the dinghy and got it into the davits.... looks great!And then the skies started turning black, so we put the cockpit tent up, and retired below.... and the heavens opened!So... a few jobs down below.... the clock and barometer were refitted.... the fridge was cleaned, and various bits of rearranging undertaken...Soon enough we ate, and then after playing cards with the kids for Jelly babies, we got an early night.... at least we tried to... the torrential rain, and howling wind made it less than easy...On Sunday, we decided to get a coupls of minor bits and pieces out of the way and then leave.... I turned off the tanks, and then drained off the hot water.... took the shower fitting apart and reconnected it using a load of PTFE tape.... upon refilling it seemed to have worked as the leak had vanished... once more job to cross off the list.... however, the wet locker yet again seemed to have been the final straw for the Eberspacher... it wouldn't fire... but finally, after an hour of coaxing, and drying.... away it went....So... by 11:00, we left... still raining... we headed towards Titchmarsh... I had a few vouchers for the chandlery there.... which I was able to spend only a tenner of... on some additional wooden bungs, so that I have enough to tie one to each seacock now... and a few bits of bungee, to replace the elesatic on the cockpit tent and on the curtains down below... both of which bits of elastic have seen better days....Home by 15:00.Ah well..... hope the weather is better over Easter.... but not looking promising at this long range....

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